SOLD!!! Have lots of fun with her Laurel! And happy birthday, how neat is that that you pick her up on the exact day at the exact time when you turn 13! :D

UPDATE: I recently hauled Cricket to a friend's place where we stayed overnight. She handled everything well. I took her around the barrels a couple times and she's proving to know her stuff in the the barrels and poles department. I think she's gonna be great to haul to some gymkhanas/jackpots or make a fun trail horse! She improves with every ride and her price will increase as she learns and grows more. She's just a bundle of fun in this sweetheart!
CRICKET- Miss Cricket is a 9 year old Paint mare standing about 15hh.
She has a quiet personality but is a lot of fun with her "up for anything" attitude! She is started on barrels and poles and doing great! She's gonna be one fun gaming horse!!  So far she's been worked with in an outdoor and indoor arena and been ridden down the road. Walks, trots, lopes and has a pretty nice stop! She's got a beautiful build and is just a sweet heart! 
I've had friends from confident to nervous and experienced to beginner on her as well!
Recently we had the vet come out to check a cough that she had and found she has symptoms of heeves (which is now treated and she's doing awesome). The vet didn't even want to call it heeves because it's so mild. He said to just make sure she has good feed. It has been no problem to manage, just give her good hay.
Asking $2500 but am open to reasonable offers as I'm reducing my herd so I can take on outside horses for training.
1/1/2013 05:55:36 am

Hi there! Is miss cricket still available?

Johanna Fehr
1/2/2013 10:25:48 am

Yes, she sure is! Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have!

1/3/2013 10:09:35 am

Just a few questions

I am looking for a horse for my hubby, my non horse friends and me when I just want to ride ( no training no fuss just free relaxing rides) The kind of horse you can trust and rely on whether I m on her daily or if its been a month.

Is she herd bound?
Confident on the trail alone or in group?
Are you willing to send file on vet exam for heaves?
Any vices?
Utd on feet and vaccines?

What's she like to ride ? Pokey ? Got go when you ask? Vs hot

Look forward to hearing from you :)

1/3/2013 10:44:34 am

Sorry I just accidentally hit unsubscribe and didn't see your last post. Could you email me or text me 306-716-4707

Johanna Fehr
1/3/2013 11:21:27 am

No problem! Texting you :)

2/27/2013 04:19:58 am

Hi there. I'm interested in all the questions Holly asked. I'm looking for a horse for myself. I'm looking for a pleasure horse and probably do some gymkhana evens and trail rides.


Johanna Fehr
2/27/2013 05:30:43 am

Hi Ashley! Please give me a call at (204)324-1390 and ask for Johanna.


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