I believe in building a foundation of trust and respect between horse and rider using natural horsemanship. I try to train the horse to suit the style of the rider because many horses change when they go home because the rider's style and technique is different. It can be frustrating for both horse and rider. For this reason I offer a free lesson for the owner to use anytime during their horse's training. Additional lessons are an additional fee of $25 an hour.

Because not all horses learn the same I work towards learning the horse and how the independent horse learns and works best so I can communicate clearly and easily with the horse to gain smooth quicker results.

I do take ponies over 13hh! Ponies are a totally different ball game when working with them because they think different than horses. Because of this they are trained accordingly. For more info please feel free to contact me. Ponies are welcomed at Sundance Ranch!

Heres what I offer:
-Tune Ups
-Put Miles On
-Barrel Racing/Pole Bending
-Leg Signals & Seat Movement
Horses can also be taken into jackpot/gymkhana events at an extra fee.
I do not start horses under saddle at this time but am looking into becoming a certified trainer.

Horses are required to have vaccinations, dewormer, and farrier up to date. I charge $450 a month as of January 1, 2013.

Feel free to contact me and talk about your goals and we will see what we can do to make it happen!

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