NOVA- Wow! This girl never stops impressing me with her kind sweet personality and up for anything attitude!
Nova is 7 years old and stands about 15hh. 
She knows leg signals and seat movement, sliding stops, counter arc, side pass, etc and has the whole works! I also took her to a Sherrylyn Johnson clinic this spring where she did great too!
She has a very good start on barrels and has been lightly hauled! This girl is quick in her turns and hunts her barrels! I think she would finish out a nice 2D barrel horse :) She's got the heart and try plus a proper foundation for it!
Her previous owner worked her on cattle and ranch work although I've only used her for more so the ranching part of it. I think she would do amazing being a ranching or fun trail horse, she is just so sweet and fun to ride!
She has many miles under her belt and I've thrown beginners to experienced riders on her...she goes whatever speed she's asked! She gives lessons/rides here and there to beginners and kids, she does great in that area as well!
You can ride her bareback with a lead rope and halter, ride double, crawl under, hang over the side, slide off her butt, drag tarps on her while riding, anything! She's just calm with it all.
She's had a correct foundation in groundwork using natural horsemanship! 
This sweetheart is up to date on vaccinations, dewormer to be done soon and regular farrier work. Asking $2900. Her price will increase with hauling!
SOLD! Have fun gymkhana-ing and giving lessons on her Teri! :)

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