When a horse understands what youre asking from them, theyre confident to work for you..

When training a horse you exercise their mind, when conditioning a horse you exercise their body.You don't exercise their body until you've trained their mind.

Each horse learns at their own pace and time...if you push them past their thinking point they don't have the chance to learn, that's when you get a horse that explodes (rear, buck, bolt, etc) Some though, need to be pushed and are bored so they will entertain themselves by doing funny things (playful buck or nip, etc). Find that happy medium and you're good to go!

A horse either reacts out of fear or attitude, but either way they will react if they aren't taught to respond. And whether they react out of fear or attitude will determine how you deal with it and help them overcome it.

The key to trust is respect, and to get respect you need to create trust.

A good trainer can get the job done but a great trainer will make a lasting impression.

Everytime I hear someone say, "that horse is so stupid" I figure the horse has simply outsmarted them ;)

It's not about the strength you have but how you use the strength you do have.

Training is about teaching a horse to grow into their own independence to create a confident horse that desires to hit the trails, not turn around a run home like a coward...that is not confidence.

As soon as you buy a horse you might as well think of it as yourself buying a training license...you're officially a trainer from that day on.

I want two eyes, two ears, and four feet ready to move when I say move so when we're stuck in a situation my horse doesn't just panic, he thinks. Yes, it could be your life on the line or you break a bone. And if that should be the case you'll think "if only I took 5 minutes to have taught my horse that then I wouldn't being lying in bed 5 days". Safety is of utmost importance...they have a mind and a react or respond kind of system. If you don't train more respond and less react their herd instincts will take over telling them to react rather than respond.

Below are a few stories of horses I've worked with and the outcomes:
This Paint dragged her owner, stepped on her and reared up at me...all in the time of leading her to her corral. After 5-10 minutes this gal was as sweet as pie. Real sweet mare with a kind eye :)
This mare was known for bucking and "didn't have a chance"...she now is a first time owner's horse :)
This paint gelding "wasn't going to make anything more than a 3D barrel horse". I'm proud to say he made a nice 2D horse and was sold to Alberta were a young gal is going to learn to run barrels on him! And he absolutely loves being a trail horse!!
This beautiful pony I bought very green broke...she now is running against tough competition with an 8 year old jockey, they're placing 1D barrels and poles!
SOLD!! Scarlett sold in half a day! She will be moving to her new home in IA in a couple of weeks! Congrats Cathy!

Dime A Dance Girl is a registered QH mare standing a stocky well built 15.2hh! She is drop dead gorgeous! I get lots of compliments on her! She is 17 years young...don't let her age fool you she still has good years left to win!
She is a super seasoned 1/2D barrel horse but due to me getting injured  (not at all her fault, I was trying out a different horse) I only brought her to three jackpots where we placed 3D (just loping the pattern!! I was in recovery mode at the time. When I had the chance to ride her once I got better I realized I dont  click with her. She makes everything she does look effortless and can run with the pro girls or just lope the pattern! She aims to please and has a ton of heart, this gal loves her job!!
Scarlett also runs poles and was roped on/worked with cattle in pastures! She's the perfect all around horse!!
Run her and once you're done, use her as a broodmare! She's an awesome mama! Scarlett has Jet Deck on papers!

The Trouble With Frost "Strider" is an 9 month old registered Appaloosa gelding, buckskin in color. He is an own son of TROUBLED MEMORIES who is off of Leaving Memories! Other greats on his papers include Frenchmans Guy and Bugs Alive in 75, Easy Jet, Dash for Cash, First Down Dash (leading paternal grandsire) plus more! With this kind of breeding, need I say more?? 
This cool dude amazes everyone who stops by to say hi with his sweet personality and friendly easy going nature. Show him something once and he's got it, this kid is smart! You can hang over him, rub him everywhere, he moves his hindquarters and forequarters, breaks at the poll...has the right start in his groundwork!
He is eligible for futurities and will make a nice futurity horse to haul down the road! 
His siblings are going for $4000-$4500.  
SOLD!!! I'm glad he's just what you were lookin for Alicia! I'm sure he will enjoy his new home in SK :)

Montana is a coming 4 yr old registered QH gelding, about 15.3hh. ***Two Eyed Jack breeding*** 
This guy may be the normal brown but is absolutely gorgeous with his long mane and tail and beautiful stocky build!
He Has some groundwork done: moves shoulders and hindquarters, lunges, leads, ties, picks up feet, good for haltering. Previous owner put a few rides on him, I've only started him with my method of groundwork using natural horsemanship.
This sweet dude has has a nice and friendly personality and is respectful of his owner! 
He will make a great all around horse whether he's used on the ranch sorting cattle, roping, barrels, trails...and he will be able to do it all!
SOLD! Glad you're loving him, I'm sure he's lovin his new home too :) Good luck!
SOLD!!! Have lots of fun with her Laurel! And happy birthday, how neat is that that you pick her up on the exact day at the exact time when you turn 13! :D

UPDATE: I recently hauled Cricket to a friend's place where we stayed overnight. She handled everything well. I took her around the barrels a couple times and she's proving to know her stuff in the the barrels and poles department. I think she's gonna be great to haul to some gymkhanas/jackpots or make a fun trail horse! She improves with every ride and her price will increase as she learns and grows more. She's just a bundle of fun in this sweetheart!
CRICKET- Miss Cricket is a 9 year old Paint mare standing about 15hh.
She has a quiet personality but is a lot of fun with her "up for anything" attitude! She is started on barrels and poles and doing great! She's gonna be one fun gaming horse!!  So far she's been worked with in an outdoor and indoor arena and been ridden down the road. Walks, trots, lopes and has a pretty nice stop! She's got a beautiful build and is just a sweet heart! 
I've had friends from confident to nervous and experienced to beginner on her as well!
Recently we had the vet come out to check a cough that she had and found she has symptoms of heeves (which is now treated and she's doing awesome). The vet didn't even want to call it heeves because it's so mild. He said to just make sure she has good feed. It has been no problem to manage, just give her good hay.
Asking $2500 but am open to reasonable offers as I'm reducing my herd so I can take on outside horses for training.
I offer riding lessons specifically towards fixing issues/problems, barrel racing or pole bending, groundwork or furthering both horse and rider knowledge. Whether you want to learn how to use leg signals/seat movement or start hauling your horse to jackpots, I can help you prepare for success!
I offer lessons on YOUR horses, so you can haul em down and we can work with both you and your horse to make a champion team! The key in a successful team in starting from a good foundation from the ground up to gain respect and trust.
I love seeing horse and rider click and start working towards their goals, this is my aim with every student!
I charge $25 an hour. We're located in Altona, MB.
All have only been used a few times.
Roller bit-$28
Studded Star-$35 (like new)
Shipping not included.
I believe in building a foundation of trust and respect between horse and rider using natural horsemanship. I try to train the horse to suit the style of the rider because many horses change when they go home because the rider's style and technique is different. It can be frustrating for both horse and rider. For this reason I offer a free lesson for the owner to use anytime during their horse's training. Additional lessons are an additional fee of $25 an hour.

Because not all horses learn the same I work towards learning the horse and how the independent horse learns and works best so I can communicate clearly and easily with the horse to gain smooth quicker results.

I do take ponies over 13hh! Ponies are a totally different ball game when working with them because they think different than horses. Because of this they are trained accordingly. For more info please feel free to contact me. Ponies are welcomed at Sundance Ranch!

Heres what I offer:
-Tune Ups
-Put Miles On
-Barrel Racing/Pole Bending
-Leg Signals & Seat Movement
Horses can also be taken into jackpot/gymkhana events at an extra fee.
I do not start horses under saddle at this time but am looking into becoming a certified trainer.

Horses are required to have vaccinations, dewormer, and farrier up to date. I charge $450 a month as of January 1, 2013.

Feel free to contact me and talk about your goals and we will see what we can do to make it happen!
In good used condition. Comes together, bridle and bit combo. Twisted bit and nylon headstall. $50 for the both of them.
Goose is a 9 year old registered Paint gelding, 15.2hh.

This guy is as broke as they come and KID FRIENDLY! ( Just had an 8 year old gal run him this weekend and they had a perfect pattern!) He side passes, pivots, sliding stops, counter arcs, moves off leg and seat, flexes, breaks at the poll, gives his head, and moves or bends whatever part of him you ask! You can ride double, bareback with just a lead rope and halter (and run him down the field full out that way too), slide off his butt, run under his belly, hang off his neck or side, whatever...he'll put up with anything!
I give riding lessons on him and LOTS of trail rides. This guy has all the trail miles he needs for a lifetime BUT is 100% sound, sane, AND safe for any age or level of rider!
He's done the High School Rodeo with his previous owner where he also participated in goat tying (I myself haven't done it but have practiced jumping off him).
He is a SUPER pole bender (1-2D pole bending) , just hang on for the ride! And is a 2-3D (1 second splits ) barrel horse is Canada and 3-4D (1/2 second splits) in the US. He's push style and will go whatever speed you ask of him! He's a perfect CONFIDENCE BUILDER so I put all the beginners or nervous riders on him! You can run a full out pattern and turn around and just walk it again.
He is a no fuss, I'll do whatever you want, forgiving horse that just tries to please. Biggest heart ever and wouldn't even try to hurt a fly...literately! I don't think you'll find a horse that acts like a GENTLEMAN more than this sweet dude!
Has been lightly started in roping and man does he love it! I would love to see him pursue this career!
The ONLY reason he is for sale is because our styles don't click and I just can't get it together with him so sadly, after MUCH thought and trying many different styles I've decided I need something that clicks better with my style of riding. This guy is amazing and will no doubt impress your socks off and I bet you will want to take him home!! To the right home only. $7500. SERIOUS inquiries welcome!
SALE PENDING! Goose's ride to Alberta is currently being arranged.